Cesc Fabregas, the little great rescuer of the game. He shows not only to be a great player but also a winner.

In minute 92 Fabregas scores for tying the game 1-1; for Sunderland it was a very hard blow, Leadbitter opened the scoring in the 85th minute, it was a poignant moment for the team because the ashes of Leadbitter’s father are buried in the Stadium of Light.

On the other hand, coach Arsène Wenger said: “We had possession but we lacked sharpness”. They defended very well thry were happy with the 0-0 result but they almost win the game, i cannot say it is a fair result it is only a result. Some may say that Arsenal boys where tired because of their previous match in the Campions League, some other could say that coach should have made some tactical changes 20 or 15 min before tha end of match, but the result is there already.

Gunners have not been stable, last match they lost in Emirates Stadium against Hull and before that they won 4-0 to the Porto! wow that’s weird.